Wine and lamb

Wine and lamb

Wine and lamb 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

Lamb is a tender and tasty meat. Sometimes considered a white meat, lamb goes extremely well with red wine. However, it is important to make the good choice of your red wine with lamb. Indeed, the finesse this wine pairing is only equalled by the tenderness of this delicious meat. Whether it is the leg, the shoulder or the other pieces of lamb, there is no doubt that choosing the right wine will allow you to enjoy this dish with a pleasure that you will not be able to hide.

Choosing the right red wine with lamb

Red wine and lamb therefore make a wonderful alliance; but you still have to choose the right red wine. To do this, one must avoid wines with too pronounced tannins. Indeed, these could be too sharp with the meat and diminish the expression of its finesse. Consequently, you must look for elegant tannins that will sublimate this delicious meat. Thus, the alliance of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will be perfect to accompany lamb. That being said, we recommend that you turn to more evolved vintages (between 7 and 12 years old). The melted tannins and the aromatic richness of the latter will be perfect to sublimate your dish and combine great wine and high gastronomy. Furthermore, to achieve the perfect match with lamb, you should look for a long-lasting wine.

Lamb is a terrestrial animal. Thus, in this quest for the best wine to accompany your lamb, Château Cantenac Brown is particularly well known. Indeed, the balanced tannic structure, the expression of the power of the land and the terroirs of Margaux and Cantenac, and the alliance of Merlot and Cabernets are essential elements to succeed in your wine and food pairing. In a more evolved vintage, the choice of Château Cantenac Brown, a Grand Cru Classé from 1855, is an obvious choice to accompany your lamb is a sure value, synonymous with pleasure and balanced flavors.

Red wine and lamb: different matches for different recipes

There is a wide variety of lamb recipes. Gastronomy always goes well with great wine. For each of these recipes, we accompany you to achieve the perfect match.

Red wine and leg of lamb

The leg of lamb is the most emblematic piece of this meat. Whether for Easter or dinner, the leg of lamb is a piece of impressive tenderness and aromatic richness. Baked in the oven, with garlic and rosemary, this recipe for leg of lamb requires a match made to measure. Consequently, with a leg of lamb, we recommend Château Cantenac Brown on an evolved vintage. It will perfectly highlight the character of the meat and will sublimate your dish. The long-lasting expression of the power of the earth will not leave you indifferent and will consecrate this meat of great occasions.

Red wine and shoulder of lamb

The shoulder of lamb is a piece of choice. Candied or oven roasted, the shoulder of lamb deserves the best agreement. Its cooking, precise and of high flying, requires a wine with evolved tannins and a long lasting taste. A Grand Cru Classé from 1855, and in particular Château Cantenac Brown, offers you these qualities that will create unforgettable tasting memories.

Wine and lamb tagine

The lamb tagine, with vegetables or prunes, allows to express a wide range of flavors. To accompany this multi-flavoured dish, we recommend a lively wine with a strong structure. This allows you to find a balance with all these flavors. Consequently, the choice of Château Cantenac Brown or Brio will be perfect to accompany your lamb tagine.

Wine and roast lamb

Roasted in the oven with garlic, thyme and rosemary, the lamb is dynamic and lively. You must then choose a wine with these qualities to achieve the right match. Accompanied by its vegetables, roast lamb often joins family tables where sharing and good humour reign. To accompany this dish, Château Cantenac Brown is perfect and will bring out all the qualities of your delicious preparation.

Red wine and lamb have no more secrets for you. Making the right match with lamb is necessary to enjoy the exceptional qualities of this meat. Château Cantenac Brown is a sure choice that will accompany lamb marvelously; for your greatest pleasure.

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