A friendly, approachable and proud Clan

The 30 members of clan Cantenac Brown, who bring the estate and its wines to life, from vine to cellar, are brimming with a singular creative energy and proudly maintain relentlessly high standards.

Friendly and approachable, they form a strong team with outstanding loyalty to the estate. After constant refinement of vintages for over a decade, the precision with which the estate is operated is today recognised by specialised critics.

Château Cantenac Brown

Aware of the importance of preserving the estate’s land and exceptional environment, clan Cantenac Brown strives on a daily basis to respect its land, vines, wines and people, applying a global approach that seeks to minimise interference, yet without remaining unresponsive in the face of exceptional demonstrations of the forces of Nature.

The estate thus applies a certified environmental approach.

Through this nature-conscious initiative, the estate also aims to share with its visitors the pure and comforting beauty of the land. At Cantenac Brown, visitors are welcome to come and taste the wines and roam around the grounds, where they can savour a tasting experience in a peaceful and inspiring environment. Cantenac Brown thus offers a new balance between nature and culture, offsetting the demanding standards of creating exceptional produce against a reconnection to the real world.

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