Pursuing a legacy

Château Cantenac Brown

Pursuing a legacy

Today the Château is managed by the French family Le Lous. Tristan Le Lous, an agronomist with a passion for oenology, is very involved in managing the estate, together with José Sanfins, who is inextricably linked with the estate’s modern history.

The meeting of this twosome was a pivotal milestone.

From his childhood on an island in the Gironde estuary, José Sanfins has inherited a profound sense of the value of working the land and respect for nature. He puts his heart and soul into pursuing excellence for the estate.

Tristan Le Lous, born of a family based in Burgundy, discovered Bordeaux when he met his future wife who introduced him to the region’s wines. He has kept this taste for Bordeaux ever since.

Tristan Le Lous was instantly attracted to the estate, the château and its vines, and the team’s high standards. Tristan Le Lous and José Sanfins share their quest for an ideal balance between nature and culture, and their flavour for sharing this unique heritage.

In 2020, the two men embarked on a spectacular challenge, a form of quest for the absolute, for which the demand for environmental quality was raised to the highest possible level: building a new and unrivalled raw earth cellar.