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1. Identification and publishing

The website is published by Château Cantenac Brown, a company organized and existing under the laws of France, with capital of €8.000.000 €, registered under No. 392.003.471, and having its registered office at Route d’Arsac – 33460 Margaux-Cantenac FRANCE. Phone: +33 (0) 5 57 88 81 81

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2. Publishing manager

The Publishing Manager for the website is Mr Tristan Le Lous.

3. Host

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4. Links to other web sites

The present hypertext links on the website,directing the Internet users to other websites do not enforce the liability of Château Cantenac Brown about the contents of these websites and the websites towards which the new links could send back. The Users who wish to establish a hypertext link to the website must obtain express prior authorisation from Château Cantenac Brown to be requested by mail at the address indicated above.

5. Intellectual property

The entire content of the website (texts, brands, logos, sounds, images or videos) is the exclusive property of Château Cantenac Brown and/or its affiliates. affiliates are understood to be any company directly or indirectly attached to Château Cantenac Brown company. Tthis entire website is subject to French legislation on copyright and literary and artistic property rights. access by the user to the information on the website cannot be interpreted as conferring a license or right other than that of consulting the website. all reproduction rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations.

The trademarks mentioned on this website are registered or not by the companies that own them. consequently, any reproduction and/or representation and/or redistribution, in whole or in part, on any electronic medium or not, present or future, are prohibited unless express and prior authorization of the owner. failure to comply with this prohibition is likely to constitute an act of counterfeiting engaging the civil and penal responsibilities of any offender.

Chateau Cantenac Brown warns that it will ensure that its intellectual property rights are respected by all legal means at its disposal.

6. Cookies

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a little file deposited on your computer, cellphone or tablet when you go on an internet site. The only cookies we use are cookies to measure internet traffic. They allow us to adapt the website to the requests of its visitors thanks to the measurement of the number of visits, the number of pages seen as well as the activity of the visitors on the website and their return rate. If you have consented to cookies being deposited by our website, you may withdraw your consent by clicking here.

7. Liability

Château Cantenac Brown provides no guarantee, express or tacit, regarding all or any part of its website Château Cantenac Brown will do its utmost to ensure that the information presented on the website is accurate and up to date, but it gives no guarantee to that effect; Château Cantenac Brown may not be held liable for any error or omission whatsoever affecting the content of the website.

Under no circumstances may Château Cantenac Brown be held liable for any direct or indirect damages or loss of any type whatsoever that might result from the use of its website or, conversely, from it being impossible to access that website. Château Cantenac Brown declines any liability regarding access to and content of the websites linked to the website and the websites towards which new links might go. Château Cantenac Brown may not be held liable in the event of difficulties in accessing the site or of interruptions in connection.

Château Cantenac Brown reserves the right to suspend and/or stop publication of the website unilaterally, without notice, and without it being possible for it to hold liable in any way and for any reason whatsoever.

More generally, Château Cantenac Brown declines any liability in the event of direct or indirect damages or loss, regardless of the causes, origins, nature, or consequences of such damages or loss, caused due to the access to the website or to the use of the information on the website, and the user shall assume full liability and any risks that might result therefrom.

7. Amendments

Château Cantenac Brown reserves the possibility of amending and of updating the Legal Notices without notice. Use of the Website is governed by the Legal Notices applicable at the time of the use. It is the responsibility of the Users to visit this web page regularly to review any changes that may have been made since your previous visit.

8. Fullness

Should any one of the clauses of the present Legal Notices be null and void, in particular due to a change in legislation or to a court decision, that shall in no way affect the validity of and compliance with the other clauses of the Legal Notices.

9. Applicable law

The present Legal Notices shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the laws of France in all respects including performance. Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or relating to THE PRESENT LEGAL NOTICES, or the breach of any provision of THE PRESENT LEGAL NOTICES, shall be determined by the courts of Paris, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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