Scottish roots

Château Cantenac Brown

Scottish roots

Château Cantenac Brown is a 1855 classified third growth, located in Cantenac within the most prestigious Médoc appellation, Margaux.

The vineyard was founded over 200 years ago by a Scotsman, John Lewis Brown. This visionary figure selected the best parcels of land: his hard work and high standards were rewarded in 1855 when the Bordeaux Classification ranked Cantenac Brown among the most esteemed wineyards.

John Lewis Brown held a deep-seated respect for group and family values. Team spirit ran strong in the veins of this Scotsman who belonged to Clan Broun of Colstoun, whose motto is “Floreat Majestas” (“Let majesty flourish”), hinting at a link with nature as well as the desire to see seeds sown grow and blossom.

His grandson, a famous naturalist painter, spent his childhood at the Château and was inspired by these lands, which he depicted and shared with his friends Degas, Manet, Pissaro and Toulouse-Lautrec. As an incorrigible socialite, he made Cantenac Brown an artistic landmark, at the forefront of impressionism.

A spectacular testimony to its Scottish ancestry: the estate’s emblematic Tudor-style château makes it the most remarkable property in the Médoc region. It seals the estate with the Scottish stamp of Clan Brown and earns it its place in history for eternity.

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