Château Cantenac Brown
Carafer ou décanter le vin - Decant the wine

How to decant wine?

How to decant wine? 2560 1709 Cantenac Brown

Decanting wine is an important gesture before sharing a tasting moment. However, these two techniques do not address the same…

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Chai écoresponsable - eco-responsible cellar

An eco-responsible cellar

An eco-responsible cellar 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

An eco-responsible cellar meets a variety of criteria to which Chateau Cantenac Brown is committed. These different criteria guarantee both…

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Vin et chocolat -  Wine and chocolate

Wine and chocolate

Wine and chocolate 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

As the Easter holidays come to an end, you’re probably wondering how to choose your wine with chocolate. Chocolate lovers…

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Conserver le vin rouge - age red wine

How to age red wine?

How to age red wine? 2000 1335 Cantenac Brown

Preserving red wine is a major issue for all wine lovers. Indeed, whether you buy the wine during the primeurs…

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Vin et poisson - Wine and fish

Wine and fish

Wine and fish 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

Wine and fish: this is a particularly interesting pairing to make. Indeed, fish, and its variety of recipes, presents many…

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Vin et mariage - Wine and Wedding - Cantenac Brown

Wine and wedding

Wine and wedding 2000 2996 Cantenac Brown

The organization of a wedding includes many steps among which the choice of the wine. Indeed, during this big day,…

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