Château Cantenac Brown
Vin rouge et cote de boeuf - Cantenac Brown

What’s oenology ?

What’s oenology ? 3000 2003 Cantenac Brown

Oenology : definition The word oenology comes from the Greek “oînos” (wine) and “lógos” (science). It refers to the science…

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Bouteille Château Cantenac Brown

Why do we use cork stoppers ?

Why do we use cork stoppers ? 640 959 Cantenac Brown

The different types of cork stoppers It is possible to find several types of cork stoppers on the market. 1°:…

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hygrométrie cave à vin - The hygrometry of a wine cellar

The taste of light

The taste of light 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

Have you ever heard during a tasting that a wine had a taste of light? It must have seemed surprising…

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What’s a long-keeping wine?

What’s a long-keeping wine? 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

Definition By definition, a long-keeping wine is a wine that can be kept for several years in the cellar, improving…

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Wine capsules

Wine capsules 1059 758 Cantenac Brown

What’s the “CRD” capsule ? The CRD capsule, also known as the “capsule représentative de droit” (in french), is a…

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Château Cantenac Brown

Interview of José Sanfins

Interview of José Sanfins 1920 1282 Cantenac Brown

Today we meet José Sanfins, director of Château Cantenac Brown, a Grand Cru Classé of 1855 in Margaux. Can you…

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