Château Cantenac Brown
Château Cantenac Brown

The ecoresponsibility at Cantenac Brown

The ecoresponsibility at Cantenac Brown 1282 1920 Cantenac Brown

What’s the ecoresponsibility? By definition, the ecoresponsibility, or environmental responsibility, is an approach that consists of integrating sustainable development issues…

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NFTs arrive at Cantenac Brown

NFTs arrive at Cantenac Brown 1707 2560 Cantenac Brown

What are NFTs ? An NFT or “Non Fungible Token” is a non-interchangeable token or digital asset issued by a…

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En Primeurs

En Primeurs 1512 2016 Cantenac Brown

What is the En Primeurs? The En Primeurs is an annual event organized in April by the greatest Châteaux of…

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Wine fining

Wine fining 2560 1709 Cantenac Brown

Fining is a process of clarification of wine. Known for a very long time, this technique is applied to great…

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The wine steward

The wine steward 1709 2560 Cantenac Brown

The wine steward through time The term sommelier or wine steward, comes from the Old Provencal word “saumalier”. Over the…

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Chewing wine

Chewing wine 0 0 Cantenac Brown

Today, the vast majority of professionals have learned to taste wine by a technique called “grumer”. Originally, wine, like any…

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