Pride in the land

The Cantenac Brown vineyard lies across the prestigious Margaux and Cantenac plateaus within the Margaux appellation: 39.5 hectares of gravelly soil and clay-limestone soils, as well as 16 hectares of small gravel plots and 5 hectares of clay-limestone plots.

This diversity of terroirs offers a great richness to the blending process and ensures constant quality over several vintages.

Château Cantenac Brown

A sanctuary of biodiversity

The Château is surrounded by an immense garden featuring the arboretum initially planted by John Lewis Brown, already aware of the importance of caring for nature and who contributed considerably to this endeavour. Supplemented over the years with rare species of trees that now form an invaluable collection (two-century-old sequoia, Atlas cedars, Evergreen oaks, Northern red oaks, Spanish fir….), it is a hidden treasure, a sanctuary, that Cantenac Brown preserves and cherishes.

In this sanctuary of biodiversity, flora and fauna flourish freely, with the majority of maintenance operated by eco-grazing. In 2008 the Château began beekeeping and produces its own honey, L’Or de Cantenac Brown.

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