Will 2022 be the Vintage of the Century?

Will 2022 be the Vintage of the Century?

Will 2022 be the Vintage of the Century? 1920 1280 Château Cantenac Brown

2022, a great vintage if not one of the finest at Cantenac Brown. One thing to remember: Mother Nature likes to remind us periodically that she is and will remain the master of the game when it comes to great vintages. 2022 is a perfect example.

Unexpected weather conditions

This year’s weather conditions have forced both the vine and the winemaker to adapt. Our concern for perfection allows us to accompany, influence and shape what it gives us, but it is clear that the combination of climatic factors remains the key to a great vintage. Fortunately for us, winegrowers, the vine is an amazingly, incredibly resistant plant.

First of all, we had three days of frost in April during which we had to hold our breath, with no impact on the harvest. Then, strong heat, sunshine, low water resources… For once we were waiting for rain in the Médoc.

Precision work for our teams

Our support to the vineyard has therefore also been adapted: lighter leaf removal to protect the grapes from the sun during the hot periods, shallow tillage to limit evaporation, controlled grassing, sometimes eliminated on certain plots to preserve the water supply of the vines, the balance of the soil… a real precision work, reasoned and adapted to these unprecedented conditions. All the data are gathered for an exceptional vintage!

Waiting for the ideal ripeness and perfect balance, with lighter berries every day, nevertheless put our nerves to the test, but that is the price to pay for producing a rare vintage! We favored a low temperature vinification (25° degrees), soft and moderate extractions in order to preserve the great phenolic potential of the grapes. They then revealed all their flavor, their brightness, the unctuousness and the density of the tannins. The Merlots have incredible density and structure, while the Cabernet Sauvignons have a concentration and energy not seen in recent years.

Château Cantenac Brown 2022 : tasting notes

2022, gives the great Cantenac Brown wine a complex and refined nose: violets, black fruits, licorice and nutmeg. The palate is characterized by a soft and creamy attack, carried by an exceptional concentration of silky and velvety tannins. The density and length give Cantenac Brown 2022 a remarkable finish.