Primeurs 2022

Primeurs 2022

Primeurs 2022 1920 1440 Château Cantenac Brown

The primeurs are a real marathon for the whole wine world: from the châteaux to the merchants, not forgetting journalists, critics and wine lovers. The great classified growths of 1855 such as Château Cantenac Brown participate in this great event. Together, let’s look back at this key event.

What are the primeurs?

The primeurs in Bordeaux are an annual period of sale of wines before their final bottling. The primeurs are reserved for professionals. Individuals can buy wine during the primeurs through a wine merchant.

This event is an opportunity for wine lovers to buy some of the great wines of Bordeaux at attractive prices before their official release on the market. Wines purchased en primeur are usually delivered two years later, after they have been aged in oak barrels. The Bordeaux Futures are an important tradition in the wine world, attracting the attention and investment of collectors and wine lovers from around the world.

Why is it a good idea to buy en-primeur wine?

The benefits of buying wine en primeur include:

  1. Lower prices: en primeur wines are generally less expensive than wines sold on the market once bottled.
  2. Early access: En primeur wines provide access to wines before they are available on the market.
  3. Guaranteed quantity: Buying en primeur guarantees a quantity of wine that may be limited once on the market.
  4. Investment potential: En primeur wines can be a profitable investment, as their value often increases over time

This year, Cantenac Brown had the opportunity to participate in several wine tastings. First, we were present at the tasting organized by the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux at Hangar 14. Then, we went to Château Lascombes for a second tasting. Finally, our primeur tour ended with the tasting organized by Terre de vins at the Palais de la Bourse.

A big thank you for these invitations which allowed us to taste and honor the 2022 vintage, considered by many as the vintage of the century. Do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to this exceptional vintage.