The tale of a vineyard manager rooted at Cantenac Brown

The tale of a vineyard manager rooted at Cantenac Brown

The tale of a vineyard manager rooted at Cantenac Brown 1280 1920 Château Cantenac Brown

At Château Cantenac Brown, the passion for wine is passed down from generation to generation. This is the case for our Head of Viticulture, Hervé, who succeeded his father in this role in 1996.

His journey at the Château began in 1983 when he joined the team as a young apprentice in the vineyard. After working for 10 years as a driver-vineyard worker, he assumed the role of Head of Viticulture, taking over from his father. It was alongside his father that he learned the vineyard trade, discovering how to enhance the vineyard and the unique characteristics of Cantenac Brown’s terroir.

The role of Head of Viticulture is diverse, primarily focused on ensuring the technical management of the vineyard, while respecting the terroir and the environment. Hervé collaborates closely with José Sanfins, the property’s general manager, and Gaël Crespy, the technical director. On a daily basis, he plans and oversees all vineyard work, briefs his teams, and also takes care of training the vineyard workers.

The transmission of this love for Château Cantenac Brown and its terroir, but also and above all, the desire to seek progress, make Hervé a central figure in the property for over 30 years. When asked why he has stayed so long, he responds, “because I am in love with this place, with this terroir, as if it were my own and I had to take care of it, as if it were my own home.”

Hervé also brings extensive experience of the vineyard, its specificities, and a constant reassessment of practices. When asked, “what will the vineyard of tomorrow be like,” Hervé has a very clear view on the subject: “I believe that the vineyard of tomorrow is one that withstands diseases. It’s a vineyard that is increasingly aware of environmental issues and will have further evolved regarding biodiversity, soil work, and grassing.”

As you can see, our Head of Viticulture is a true enthusiast of Cantenac Brown. A passion he has been striving to pass on for three decades to those fortunate enough to work with him.

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