Thanksgiving & Wine

Thanksgiving & Wine

Thanksgiving & Wine 1200 812 Château Cantenac Brown

With our three different wines, Cantenac Brown will satisfy you to pair perfectly with a wide variety of foods to cover your entire Thanksgiving dinner.

Among Americans, the tradition of Thanksgiving takes place every fourth Thursday of November. This holiday originated in the United States, although it is now celebrated all over the world, at varying dates. In 1941, a law made it a federal holiday in the United States, Thanksgiving means “Thanks for the gifts”.


Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to God and the harvest. This holiday honors the many blessings received during the year. In 1621, the first European pilgrims or settlers of the Mayflower established this rite to thank the Indians. The Indians came to the aid of the British religious dissidents and taught them how to hunt and harvest corn. Today, through Thanksgiving, the Americans continue to thank God for having favored the installation of their first colony in the 17th century. It is a festive, family-oriented and convivial moment around a traditional dinner with an end-of-year party feel.

Food and wine pairing

When it comes to food and wine pairing, Alto’s freshness is the perfect way to start a meal. We can accompany this white wine with a fish-based starter, leaving room for BriO de Cantenac Brown, a charming, delicate and brilliant wine, a wine for pleasure and sharing. It can be enjoyed perfectly young, but also benefits from being kept for a few years. And finally, finish this festive meal with Cantenac Brown 2015, which is a velvety and fruity vintage, perfect to accompany a turkey.

And you, will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?