2015 900 320 Château Cantenac Brown

2015 Vintage

The harvest

The grapes are healthy and the maturity level is on point. Now it’s time to choose the best harvest date; not too early, not too late and not too ripe. We decided to harvest grapes when they would develop «red berry» flavors not «black berry» ones. Tannins had to be nicely ripe, alcohol content needed to be balanced, not too high, and acidity was to be tasted but not too high. While it seems obvious, we realize our luck to be able to pick the fruit at its perfect maturity, with no restraint.
Brio de Cantenac Brown 2015


47% Cabernet Sauvignon
42% Merlot
11% Cabernet Franc

1 year in French oak barrels
25% new oak barrels
75% one-year-old oak barrels

Harvest proportion
49% BriO of Cantenac Brown

Harvest dates
Merlot: Sept 17th – 24th
Cabernet Franc: Sept. 29th
Cabernet Sauvignon: Sept 28th – Oct. 8th

Year 2015

Beginning in the spring, temperatures were warmer than average. At the end of May, flowering was fast and homogeneous. In June and July, the warm temperatures led to a slow growing season, which stopped early. Conditions were similar to those in the best vintages.

In August, rains were on time to complete the “véraison” that had started by the end of July. In September, the difference of temperatures between cool nights and warm days, with the addition of brief rains helped reach a perfect ripening. 2015 was a bright and cool year with perfect weather conditions, giving our wines wide aromatic potential, with fine and round tannins.