Château Cantenac Brown


2010 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2010 VintageTasting notesThe wine is still young. The color is deep and intense. The fresh red fruits make up the majority…

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2009 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2009 Vintage Harvest The wine is still in his youth, therefore purple and crimson colors dominate. Fruits aromas are exuberant…

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2008 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2008 VintageTasting notesNice color, very deep. First, fruits come with berries and black cherries aromas.Then roasted coffee and a slight…

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2007 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

Vintage 2007Tasting notesThe color is still purple, as the color of its label. The aromas are dominated by charming red…

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2006 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2006 VintageTasting notesThe color is still fresh, deep and well concentrated. Aromas are slightly oaked and smoky with a hint…

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