Château Cantenac Brown


2020 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2020 A beautiful sensory parenthesis … Harvest 2020 is a winemaker’s vintage. The ripeness is astounding, dark in color, the…

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2019 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2019 Vintage An amazing vintage to welcome the le Lous family. Harvest The bet is won! Harvest was split over…

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2018 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2018 Vintage A child of the rain and sun … Harvest Before the harvest, the contrast of hot days and cold…

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2017 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2017 Vintage Harvest The crop started progressively mid-September. We began with the plants and seedlings. Then we prepared ourselves to…

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2016 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

Vintage 2016 A stressful year yields an extremely rare vintage. Harvest From the first rainy days of mid-September, the grapes…

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2015 1920 1277 Cantenac Brown

2015 Vintage Harvest Berries were healthy and the maturity was there. Good timing for harvest is the key: Not too…

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