2019 1920 1277 Château Cantenac Brown

2019 Vintage
An amazing vintage to welcome the le Lous family.


The bet is won! Harvest was split over 4 weeks with great conditions despite cloudy periods. The blends with the presence of Tristan Le Lous, have been refined. The first tasting shows a vintage with a lot of class, freshness, density, with present and velvety tannins.


68% Cabernet Sauvignon
32% Merlot

French oak barrels
60% new oak barrels
40% one-year-old barrels

Harvest proportion
51% Château Cantenac Brown

Harvest dates
Merlot: Sept. 18th to 21rst, 23rd – 25th to 27th & 30th
Cabernet Franc: October 1rst
Cabernet Sauvignon: Oct. 2nd to 5th – 7th to 9th

Year 2019

The 2019 year started under the rain with warm winter temperatures. As a consequence, the budburst took place 15 days sooner than usual. Flowering happened with slightly low temperatures and few rainy days caused flower abortion and millerandage.

On the other hand, these precipitations were beneficial at the beginning of summer and helped us to handle July’s temperatures. During veraison, the sudden dryness locked some berries; we will sort them with manual harvest or with the optical sorting table.

The end of summer was cooler allowing the vineyard to rest. Some showers at the beginning of September arrived right on time to swell the berries … and our hopes. The harvest date of each plot is the key for this vintage. Regarding the choices we made during the season (leaf removal, plots’ age, soil composition, weather condition …), harvest choice is also crucial and requires a daily control in the vines.

Each day, we walk miles and taste hundreds of berries in order to establish the harvest plan adapted to our plots.

We harvested the whites while keeping an eye on the reds! So fresh mornings the first days of September were perfect for two reasons: the white of Cantenac Brown had been harvested in perfect conditions and in the meantime the ripeness of the red grapes evolved phenomenally. Since the first analysis, merlot and cabernet sauvignon show remarkable polyphenols.

The first harvest day was set on September 18th for the youngest vines. Enough time to get the team ready and then wait until the end of the month to harvest the great merlot and beginning of October for the cabernet sauvignon.