Red wine and prime rib

Red wine and prime rib

Red wine and prime rib 3000 2003 Château Cantenac Brown

Chateau Cantenac Brown, Grand Cru Classé from 1855, in Margaux was founded 200 years ago by a Scottish John Lewis Brown. Recognizable by its spectacular Tudor-style chateau, Cantenac Brown is still family owned today and has announced the construction of a new, unique winery made entirely of raw earth.

Wine and prime rib: this association cannot leave indifferent the gastronomy lovers among you. The prime rib is one of the most tender and iconic pieces of the animal. Synonymous with a great meal, it is important to find the best wine to sublimate this piece and give it the attention it deserves.

Food and wine pairing: which wine with a prime rib?

The prime rib is a meat that is both powerful and delicate. Reserved for high quality meals, its texture and taste can only satisfy the taste buds of gastronomy lovers. However, what wine should you choose with your prime rib?

Naturally, red wine is better suited to go well with this beautiful piece of meat. However, you must be careful when choosing your red wine with your prime rib. Indeed, you must select a wine with a structure powerful enough not to be erased in front of the meat.

To achieve the right food and wine pairing with your prime rib, you must turn to wines with assertive tannins capable of balancing the power of the meat. A wine matured in oak barrels generally has this structure and the woody notes it contains go perfectly with the prime rib. The agreement can naturally vary according to the cooking of your piece of meat and the choice of more evolved red wines may be necessary to reveal the aromatic subtleties of the latter.

Choosing a Grand Cru Classé of 1855 is ideal to succeed in this pairing. In particular, Château Cantenac Brown can only sublimate your meal. Indeed, the association of Merlot and Cabernets from Château Cantenac Brown results in a perfect balance with your meal.

Different prime ribs means different pairings

There are different types of prime ribs, both in terms of cooking and maturation time. At home or at the restaurant, we selected the red wine that will sublimate this delicious piece.

Wine and grilled prime rib

Grilled prime rib is the most traditional recipe for this piece of meat. Both simple and effective, grilled prime rib cannot leave you indifferent. With it, Château Cantenac Brown will be a perfect match, regardless of the vintage.

Wine and matured prime rib

Like wine, beef may need time to reveal all its splendor. The prime rib is no exception and food lovers often turn to mature meat. Château Cantenac Brown and matured prime rib form an excellent combination. For this one, you can turn to older vintages of the Château which will highlight the delicacy of this meat.

Wine and baked prime rib

Finally, prime rib can also be cooked in the oven. Here again, the choice of Château Cantenac Brown will prove to be perfect. The golden label of Château Cantenac Brown will be enthroned on your table as you and your guests enjoy this delicious piece of meat with its perfect match.

Red wine and barbecued prime rib

The nice days are coming and it’s time to cook your prime rib on the barbecue. In this configuration, the prime rib will develop smoke aromas. You can also decorate your barbecue with some vine shoots to further develop these aromas. Here again, the pairing with Château Cantenac Brown is perfect both to balance the power of the meat and to reveal its finest aromas: all you have to do is enjoy.

Thus, because of its balance and the expression of the power of the earth and of the Margaux and Cantenac terroirs, Château Cantenac Brown is a perfect match for your prime rib. That said, we only need to wish you an excellent tasting.