Red wine and duck

Red wine and duck

Red wine and duck 1709 2560 Château Cantenac Brown

Red wine and duck: a pairing that promises incredible results and should delight the most discerning of gourmets. To help you with this pairing, the Chateau Cantenac Brown team has put together the best tips for choosing your red wine with duck.

Red wine and duck: how to pair?

Choosing the right wine to accompany your duck can be difficult. This difficulty is compounded by the wide variety of recipes that surround duck and therefore the different pairing options that are available to you. Indeed, this meat with a very particular flavor is surrounded by a tremendous number of recipes and cooking methods that lead to different pairings.

Generally speaking, you have two options. Firstly, choose a wine with a high degree of tannin to match the power of the meat. In this context, you can choose wines from Margaux and the great Bordeaux appellations. A Saint Emilion or a Pomerol can also accompany your dish magnificently.

On the other hand, you can also turn to wines with more discreet tannins. For example, red wines from the Loire region can be an excellent idea. A Bourgueil or Chinon wine is a perfect recommendation to accompany your duck.

While both of these options are available to you, their choice depends greatly on the recipe you are executing. So, we suggest you continue this discovery of food and wine pairing according to these different recipes.

Red wine and duck breast

The duck breast is probably one of the most famous pieces of duck. To achieve a good food and wine pairing, you can turn to the recommendations described above. Of course, there are a variety of recipes around the duck breast that necessarily lead to variations in food and wine pairing.

Red wine and duck breast with honey

The mix of sweet and savory flavors is at the heart of the success of such a dish. If a honey sauce accompanies your dish, a Bordeaux wine will be an ideal match. However, be sure to choose an older vintage (preferably from before 2008) to accompany this dish in a smooth and elegant way.

Red wine and duck breast on the barbecue

To accompany a barbecued duck breast, we recommend a wine from the great appellations of Bordeaux. Whether it is a Margaux, a Saint Julien, or a Pauillac, your pairing will be a great success. The power of the meat accompanied by a barbecue makes a perfect balance of flavors necessary. A Pomerol, a Saint Estèphe or a Saint Emilion will also be a perfect accompaniment to this dish.

If you want to get away from the Bordeaux region, you can turn to the wines of the South West. In particular, the wines of Cahors can accompany this dish in the best way.

Wine and pressed duck

Pressed duck is a traditional dish in French gastronomy. Such a recipe consists of grinding the carcass of the duck to extract the blood: the basic ingredient of the sauce that accompanies this dish. To accompany this dish, we recommend Burgundy wines. In particular, you can turn to magnificent bottles from the Côte de Nuits or the Côte de Beaune. In which case, choose vintages that are already aged. In addition, you can also turn to old vintages of the great growths of Margaux. These will completely sublimate this dish.

You are now specialists in food and wine pairing with duck. We wish you wonderful tastings and let you discover our other recommendations such as wine and prime rib or wine and mutton.