“Le perroquet affolé” comes back home

“Le perroquet affolé” comes back home

“Le perroquet affolé” comes back home 750 562 Château Cantenac Brown

The painting comes back to Cantenac Brown

Grandson of the founder of Cantenac Brown and a renowned naturalist painter, John Lewis Brown became famous in the mid-19th century for his virtuoso animal paintings. On October 19, Rouillac unveiled its collection of antique paintings and drawings at the Place Vendôme, including one of the Bordeaux artist’s compositions: The Panicked Parrot (Le Perroquet Affolé).

Storm of feathers and hair

A macaw parrot chased by four dogs, an angora cat chasing a peon, mixing feathers and hair the hunting scene is unexpected. If the artist depicts with realism the attitudes, the coat and the feathers of the different animals, he is more concerned with highlighting the ardor of the scene through a swirl of lines and colors intermingled.

This animal composition is reminiscent of another painting by the artist: “The day of the boarders’ departure” (Le Jour de sortie des pensionnaires). Presented at the Salon in 1865, this second work features a man surrounded by parrots and a dog.

the Chateau Cantenac Brown itself acquired this painting of more than two meters. After several years away from her native land, the work returned home.

“The circle is complete, it returns home”

Auctioneer of the auction