The best vintages of red wines of the Bordeaux region

The best vintages of red wines of the Bordeaux region

The best vintages of red wines of the Bordeaux region 2000 2996 Château Cantenac Brown

Some time ago we told you about the greatest vintages of Cantenac Brown. In this new article, let’s look back at the greatest red wine vintages that the Bordeaux region has known over the last 40 years.

Exceptional vintages





It was a year of extreme climatic fluctuations resulting in cool nights and hot days in Bordeaux. These conditions worked in favor of the red wines as they optimized the cultivation of the vines concerned, giving a very homogeneous flowering, grapes with good maturity and pure wines. Among the best red wines of 2009, you will find the “Pauillac” and the “Saint-Estèphe“. Powerful, rich, opulent and sensual, these wines would lead even the most demanding taste buds to the paroxysm of satisfaction.

Marked by a prolonged drought and a notorious water deficit, the 2005 vintage experienced light and lukewarm rain in September. However, the presence of the sun have made it possible to reach a brilliant maturity and then, wines bursting with fruit and tannins with a perfect level of acidity. A 2005 is a wine with a long evolution in the bottle. The exceptional climatic conditions of 2005 justify the obvious excellence of the wines produced. Very full-bodied, strongly structured and straddling the line between harmony and power, the wines of this atypical vintage would be far better in your mouth than in your dreams.

The 1990 vintage was, in quality and quantity, a real general success with wines that were sappy, rich, very full-bodied and strongly structured.

The 1982 vintage wines are rich, charming, very full-bodied and strongly structured. A 1982 would be a good choice if you want to drink a light, soft and pleasant wine.

The great vintages





The 2010 vintage was a general success. Even if it must be admitted that the Xynthia storm and a harsh winter had a negative impact on the flowering. The summer of 2010 changed the situation with sunny days and cool nights. This conditioned an excellent maturation of the grapes. Very full-bodied, rich, strongly structured and harmonious, the wines of 2010 have the fruit of young wines and are therefore built for a very long aging.

The year 2000 was considered as a great vintage and was generally successful. Concentrated, elegant, very full-bodied, strongly structured, the Bordeaux wines of this year are in full bloom. Worthy of continuing their career in good cellars, they are wines with exceptional qualities.

The 1989 vintage was also a general success. The 1989 vintage bottles are in full bloom and could take pride of place in good cellars. They are opulent wines, very full-bodied and strongly structured.

The 1985 vintage is one of the great red wine vintages of Bordeaux. As a general success, this year favored the production of balanced, rich, harmonious and fully developed wines. All that is needed to hold the attention of the amateurs of tender and elegant wines.