Second wine

Second wine

Second wine 1282 1920 Château Cantenac Brown

Chateau Cantenac Brown, 1855 classified Grand Cru, is the first wine of Cantenac Brown. It is the heart of our vineyard, the perfect Margaux. What are the differences between a first and a second wine?

What is a second wine ?

It is common for Chateaux in the Bordeaux vineyards to offer a second wine for sale. This is a second brand of a wine estate, in the same appellation as the first wine of this estate. Most of the Chateaux have taken it upon themselves to rename it as an explicit invitation to identify it with the grand cru.

The second wine can come from different places:

  • Parcels that are not used for the first wine and on which are located the youngest vines of the Château.
  • Specific parcels dedicated to the first wine, which will never be used in the composition of the first wine.
  • Vines or barrels initially destined for the first wine, but which have been downgraded due to insufficient maturity.

The second wine of Château Cantenac Brown is the Brio de Cantenac Brown.

This is why Brio was created in 2001. Previously, there was already a second wine but it was not directly related to Cantenac Brown. Brio was created with the idea of making a wine for pleasure.

In conclusion, there are several elements to remember:

  • The second wine is a wine in its own right: whether it is the work in the vineyard, the vinification or the maturation, it is given special care.
  • It is more accessible than its big brother the first wine but it remains a wine of great quality.