2011 900 320 Château Cantenac Brown

2011 Vintage

Tasting notes

ith purple notes. On the nose, the wooded aromas melt nicely with fresh fruits. The wine is long, elegant and rich, mostly with soft and sweet ripe fruits flavors.
Brio de Cantenac Brown 2011


49% Cabernet Sauvignon
41% Merlot
10% Cabernet Franc

1 year in French oak barrels
20% new oak barrels
80% one-year-old oak barrels

Harvest proportion
50% BriO of Cantenac Brown

Harvest dates
Merlot: Sept 13th – 21rst
Cabernet Franc: Sept. 23rd
Cabernet Sauvignon: Sept 24th – 29rd

Year 2011

After an early budbreak at the end of March, the unusually sunny days in April and May created a considerably advanced flowering, equally rapid for all of the grape varieties. After this early budbreak, a heat wave at the end of June unfortunately burnt some of the exposed young grape clusters. This dry weather was felt even more by extending the « veraison » time. The rain in mid July finally brought some relief to the situation.

The humidity in August slowed the maturation down and allowed us to see a better and more encouraging harvest, with a two week advance compared to the last vintages. In this time right before harvest, we vigorously continued to prepare the harvest by cropping off all of the altered grapes, only keeping the healthy and homogenous ones ready for harvest.