How to age red wine?

How to age red wine?

How to age red wine? 2000 1335 Cantenac Brown

Preserving red wine is a major issue for all wine lovers. Indeed, whether you buy the wine during the primeurs or you wait a little to get a beautiful bottle of a grand cru classé of 1855, there are great chances that your wine will improve with time. However, it is important to store red wine in the right conditions to ensure optimal aging. The teams at Château Cantenac Brown give you the keys to storing your red wine properly.

The temperature for storing red wine

Temperature is the first element to age your red wine well. Thus, to keep your red wine well, you can keep it between 12 and 14°C. Consequently, when you set up your wine cellar, you must make sure that you choose the right temperature for storing red wine. A temperature that is too high will contribute to a rapid evolution of the wine which could quickly disappoint you. On the other hand, a temperature that is too low blocks the evolution of the wine until it no longer fully expresses its terroir. As you can see, the temperature at which a red wine is stored is an important element in guaranteeing its ageing.

Hygrometry for aging your red wine well

Temperature is not the only element that determines the good storage of red wine. Indeed, it is also important to focus on the hygrometry, that is to say the level of humidity of the place in which you keep your red wine. Thus, the ideal hygrometry for the conservation of your wine is between 60 and 75%. If the humidity level of your wine cellar is too low, the corks of your bottles could dry out and thus degrade. On the other hand, too much humidity will cause the labels to deteriorate. It is therefore crucial to store your wine at the right hygrometry.

Other factors for aging red wine

Finally, there are other factors that you need to pay attention to in order to properly store your red wine. In particular, red wine is very sensitive to light and UV rays. In this sense, you must take care to protect the red wine from these elements. Therefore, you should keep it in a dark place or in a wine cellar with a UV filtering glass. So, it is also important to take care of all these factors when choosing your wine cellar or choosing the place where you store your bottles.

Protect the label of your wine bottle

Last but not least, it is important to ensure that the label on your bottle of wine is well preserved. Indeed, you have waited many years before tasting this bottle of wine. It would therefore be a shame to present a damaged label on your table. On the other hand, the golden label of Château Cantenac Brown is recognizable among all and always makes an incomparable effect. In this sense, it would be a shame to damage this label when storing your red wine. However, the humidity in your wine cellar may deteriorate the label over time.

Thus, to store your wine well, you can store your bottles in a tissue paper which keeps the bottle in the state of its delivery. If the bottle you have is not wrapped in tissue paper, you can choose to wrap it in cellophane. This will protect the label from humidity and you will be able to keep your red wine in like new condition!

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