The ecoresponsibility at Cantenac Brown

The ecoresponsibility at Cantenac Brown

The ecoresponsibility at Cantenac Brown 1282 1920 Château Cantenac Brown

What’s the ecoresponsibility?

By definition, the ecoresponsibility, or environmental responsibility, is an approach that consists of integrating sustainable development issues into all of its daily activities.

In the vineyard, in its surroundings and in the park, Cantenac Brown thinks of its ecosystem in a global way. This translates into grassing of the rows, hedges around the parcels and the planting of a new orchard.

Eco-responsible construction

The property is thus pursuing a certified environmental approach and has embarked on the construction of a new raw earth building. This project was designed by Philippe Madec, contracted architect, project leader and pioneer in eco-construction and former UN expert.

This 5000 m² cellar, combining modernity and sustainability, will be a remarkable technical feat:

• The project will retain the old historical buildings while laying new surfaces without distorting the site, using only natural, untreated materials: raw earth and solid wood from the Aquitaine region. Simple, pure and authentic bio sourced materials without any use of cement;

• The walls of the cellar will be built using the thousand-year-old technique of rammed earth construction. Men will compress the raw earth, composed of clay and sand, directly at the Château to form the walls of this unique building;

• The cellar’s low vault will be a technical feat, made of CEBs (compressed earth blocks made from clay), and will be one-of-a-kind in Europe given its size and the only such structure worldwide to have a wooden framework.