“The Power of the Earth”, a unique artwork at Cantenac Brown

“The Power of the Earth”, a unique artwork at Cantenac Brown

“The Power of the Earth”, a unique artwork at Cantenac Brown 1707 2560 Cantenac Brown

After many months of creation, the artwork is here. Majestic and humble at the same time. Totally connected with the spirit of Château Cantenac Brown: a bunch of grapes carried by hands; pigments identical to those used during prehistoric times, tinted with the Château’s wine lees; and the earth, reminiscent of the raw earth cellar we are building.

An unusual artwork

“The Power of the Earth” represents the link that unites the Margaux vineyard, the elements that make it up and the future chai of the Château. It is a work that makes sense between David‘s artistic vision, which remains as close to nature as possible, and that of the winery composed of raw earth and raw wood.

Moreover, through this biodegradable fresco that will disappear at the first rains, the artist delivers a strong message: we are the protectors of this fragile yet powerful earth. For future generations.

100% earth materials

The materials David Popa uses are as powerful as his messages. His ecological message is unique as the pigments he uses match almost identically to the pigments used during the prehistoric area. David Popa’s goal is to take us back to our origins as he searchs for the right pigment to deliver the right message.

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